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Buy cocaine online: cocaine use and overdose from cocaine have been on the rise in the United States for the past several years. In fact, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), overdose rates from cocaine increased by 122% from 2011 to 2016. And while many practitioners have their eye on the opioid epidemic, it’s crucial to spread awareness and education about the upsurge in cocaine use in hopes of slowing this trend.Buy Cocaine OnlineBuy Cocaine Online; Cocaine is an illicit drug and highly addictive stimulant. This drug can be consumed orally, nasally, injected, or smoked. Once consumed, there is an immediate build-up of dopamine in the brain that creates a short-term euphoric high as well as both short- and long-term negative side effects.This illicit drug is derived from the leaves of two coca species and has been used since ancient times by Andean civilizations like the Incas and Wari cultures. The coca leaves are consumed by either chewing on them, in a tea, or in a type of sachet which users place against the inside of their cheeks. These indigenous cultures use it for warding off cold, hunger, and altitude sickness. The use of coca leaves in this manner is legal in some countries such as Peru and Bolivia.In the United States and many other countries, the use of cocaine is illegal. However, cocaine remains the second most used drug in the nation after marijuana. And, according to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the U.S. is the world’s largest consumer of this cocaine.


Cocaine impacts the body and mind quickly. Immediate mental effects include feelings of euphoria or happiness, loss of contact with reality, sexual arousal, and agitation. When it comes to the body’s responses, these can include increased heart rate, dilated pupils, and sweating to name a few. These effects can be seen within minutes of use and generally last from about 15 minutes to an hour and a half.There are many dangers with cocaine use. One is addiction, which can occur rather quickly. Addiction occurs because of the action the drug has on the brain’s reward system. Interfering with both dopamine and serotonin processes, users need more and more cocaine to get that same initial feeling of euphoria or ‘high’. After some time of use, cocaine is needed for the users just to be able to function or feel ‘okay’.Buy Cocaine Online When someone consumes this stimulant drug the risk of serious health issues including death increases. Cocaine use increases the risk of the following:StrokeHeart attackCardiac arrhythmiaLung damage (from smoking)Sudden cardiac deathBuy Cocaine Online: And while these are all serious issues resulting from cocaine use, today, cocaine is even more deadly. This is because more and more cocaine is being laced with fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid used to treat pain. It is similar to morphine but about 50 to 100 times more powerful.Fentanyl has been linked to many overdose deaths. Many people who are familiar with fentanyl and overdose think of overdose from heroin or another opioid. However, data is showing that cocaine laced with fentanyl is one of the reasons for the increase in overdose deaths from cocaine.This is one of the reasons it’s vital to spread awareness about cocaine use and overdose. With the upsurge in cocaine use and the deadly practice of lacing it with fentanyl, the overdose rates from cocaine are currently predicted to climb.

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